Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Top 5 Best Women’s Workout Gloves

Women are crazy about weight loss and the best way to do it is through gym work and weightlifting. However, lifting heavy weights can damage your hands. You can easily protect them by wearing workout gloves.

All the pros are using them and highly recommend them as they offer much better grip and protect your hands from calluses and cuts.
Here’s a list of top of the line women workout gloves:

  • Meister Women’s Fit Grip Weight Lifting Gloves

These gloves are made from Amara leather and made solely for weightlifting and various workout exercises. You can easily wash them without any risk of wear and tear. The material is breathable and allows the sweat to escape. For palm protection it has synthetic leather padding and provides maximum protection for grip when working out with free weights and machine.

  • The Gripper Glove

This glove is specially made to provide protection against calluses and protect your palms against all such issues. It works best for kettlebells, rope climbing, hanging bar work, machines, and free weights. The hexagonal shaped silicone pads are integrated into the Gripper glove and offers extra grip.

  • Flowermall Hot GYM Weightlifting Gloves

This glove is quite opposite to the Gripper glove as they offer much more protection for hands. The gloves are made from extremely lightweight material to help ease hand fatigue. There is a thin coating of dense gel pads in the palm region for resistive wear relief. Women are often worried about the germs at the gym, this glove is ideal for them.

  • Nordic Living Weight Lifting Gloves

This weight lifting gloves offer extra wrist support to lifters, which means if you are worried about the wrist pain while lifting heavy weight, you should seriously consider using this one. In addition, it has extra padding in the hand region of the gloves, which will protect your hand from painful calluses.

  • Authentic RDX Ladies Gel Gloves

Last but not the least, the Authentic RDX Ladies Gel Gloves has it all. It is manufactured from supreme leather and contain anatomical pad system to promote natural movement of the hand. With great grip strength and air circulation you will be able to lift weights for hours. All gloves need a wash after every use due to excess sweeting, and this weight lifting glove is completely machine washable. You will find them in vibrant colour range.

Don’t hesitate, try out these women gym gloves and forget all your lifting worries.


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