Thursday, 2 June 2016

7 Foolish Mistakes Made During Weight Training

There are some mistakes you commonly see weightlifters and bodybuilders make during their gym training. It is important that you avoid such mistakes, as they will hamper both your health and performance.

1.  Waiting for Equipment

If you get to the gym at rush hours, then don’t waste time waiting for the gym equipment to get free. You can start your training without any equipment and can still achieve same level of results. Always have a plan B, there are tons of exercises that you can perform for every muscle group. You can ask trainers for advice, they will be happy to help.

2.  Skipping Warm-up

Always start your gym session with a dedicated warm-up exercises like squats, lunges, jumping jacks, push ups and skipping rope. This will elevate your heart rate prior to lifting weights. No matter if you have short time, you should make a habit of warming up before doing strenuous workout.

3.  Going without a Set Plan

Starting a gym without a plan will waste your time so in order to avoid that always plan ahead. You should know in advance which muscle groups you will be targeting and how many sets and reps you be doing.

4.  Perform Cardio before lifting

A 30 minutes jog before lifting session will wear you out and may cause an injury. If you want to do it then it is better to perform them after you are done with your weightlifting.

5. Using Same Exercises, Sets and Reps

If you keep performing same set of exercises each day, your body get used to it and the benefits will stop. Best thing is to keep changing your exercises, their reps and sets so that your body keeps guessing.

6.  Not using Lifting Straps

Always use lifting straps when you are working with extremely heavy weights. This will give you much needed wrist support and grip.

7.  Not Hydrate Properly

It is extremely important for weightlifters to properly hydrate themselves. Among many advantages it help lifters gain muscle and strength. Do not hydrate when you reach the gym, the best time is six hours before you starting the gym.