Friday, 4 March 2016

How To Wrap Your Hands The Right Way

Hand wraps are more than just cool accessories to make you look like belong in a Street Fighter game (namely Sagat). It’s sexier than that. Hand wraps are good for your health. Seriously, you don’t want to break your wrists, or knuckles, or fingers, basically your whole damn hand. No. If you’ve been going at the heavy bag or punch pads, you need them hands wrapped and you know how to do it.
Hand wraps have variety. 4 meters or 180” semi-elastic hand wraps are great, meaning there’s more than enough to wrap and the elasticity lets you tighten to your comfort.
You can wrap your hands in a variety of ways. But I’m here to tell the best way to wrap em’ up:

Step 1:

First. Hold your hand downwards, knuckle-side up, spread your fingers, and keep your hand relaxed but with separation. Put your thumb through the thumb loop and pull the wrap across behind the back of your hand and wrap your wrist at least 3 times, keeping the edge of the wrap at the end of your wrist and not spilling toward the hand. Wrap three times, to form a comfy layers as to support the wrist but not to cut blood circulation. You want to be comfortable at the wrist end.
Step 2:

Do not change hand position. After the third wrap, bring it across toward the palm (pinky side) and bring it under the hand, across palm and around over the knuckles three times.

Step 3:

Keeping hand in same position, bring the wrap across knuckle-side, at the back of your hand toward the wrist, going around the wrist toward the pinky knuckle, across palm and repeat this ex- formation at least three times.

Step 4:

Remember to keep a slight tug on the wrap, to keep the hand snug and compact. Bring around the palm side of your hand toward thumb, and wrap it once, and pull wrap toward and over the wrist.  Do not twist around thumb as that may cause discomfort.

Step 5:

Continue wrapping behind your hand (knuckle side) to the thumb and once again around the thumb, now to the opposite direction.

Step 6:

Wrap from the thumb over the back of your hand and around your wrist, ONCE. Now continue around your wrist and toward the back of your hand through the spread space between your pinky and ring fingers. Pull wrap around and over palm back to wrist, and repeat the same motion for each finger. Insure that the wrap doesn’t furl or overlap within the fingers. This causes discomfort.

Step 7:

When the last finger has been wrapped. Take it across the palm and toward the wrist.

Step 8:

Continue wrapping across the back of your hand toward your knuckles.

Step 9:

One more wrap around the knuckle and across the back of your hand to the wrist.
Step 10:

By now you’ll have enough spare wrap to go around you can just use that for whichever part you’d like to focus more on.

Step 11:

Wrap around knuckles for more padding and knuckle support. Or around the wrist to keep it secure and in place.

Step 12:
Place velcrow strap and voila. You’re looking sexy like Sagat with a safe, comfy, tightly wrapped hand ready to kick ass and throw some ‘Tiger Uppercuts’.

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