Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Weight Lifting Exercises

Want to continue with strength training or weight lifting program? Want to know which exercises can help you? In this article, we will share some beneficial and really helpful weight lifting exercises with you. These exercises are cardio exercises that will help you build muscles and make your body strong. Read on to know.

  1. Cardio respiratory warm-up

Warm-up is the best cardio exercise and it is essential to do before starting any vigorous workout. You can warm up by performing moderate intensity cardio work on any machine, elliptical or treadmill, for 5 to 10 minutes. Walking and jumping or skipping are also beneficial warm-up exercises. These exercises work the large muscles of the body and increase the blood flow.

  2. Dumbbell exercises

This is a weight training exercise in which dumbbells are used. Dumbbell exercises are perhaps ideal weight lifting exercise. Dumbbell presses can help you build biceps, triceps and chest muscles.

3. Barbell exercises

Barbell exercises are more beneficial than dumbbell exercises. Dumbbell is queen while barbell is king. Forget all other equipment and use barbell in your strength training exercises. Barbells can help you lift more weight and lifting heavy is the first step towards getting stronger. After barbell exercise, you can move to dumbbell exercise.

  4. Squat

Squat is another beneficial weight training exercise. This exercise is done by squatting down with your weight held across your upper back and then standing up straight again. Squat is a compound exercise that involves glutes, hamstrings, calves and lower back as well. Weight lifting belts are sometimes used in this exercise to support lower back.

5. Dead lift

This weight training exercise is similar to normal squat but weight are lifted off the floor with hands while standing up. You can keep your palms facing down or one hand down and the other up to prevent dropping. Palms facing up puts excess on the inner arms. It is also a compound exercise that involves lower back, glutes, lats, neck, hamstrings and  calves.Like Squats, weight lifting belts can also be used in dead lifts.

6. Leg extension

This exercise is performed by raising a weight in front of your body with feet while sitting. This exercise works on quadriceps. Leg extension makes the muscles around the knees stronger and are also recommended by physical therapists. However, overtraining is not advisable.

  7. Wall sit

Wall sit, aka static squat, is performed by placing back against the wall with feet apart equal to shoulder width. Hips are lowered until knees and hips both are at right angles. This position is held as long as one can. This exercise strengthens quadriceps. Wall sit is not recommended for those who have knee problems because knees bear most weight during exercise

  8. Hamstring curl

Hamstring curl is another effective weight training exercise. The lying hamstring curl is the exercise that is done using weight machine and strengthens the hamstring muscles. During the exercise, person lies face down on weight bench, positions pad just above the ankles and then knees are slowly bended pulling feet towards buttocks. While doing lying hamstring curls, use hand grip only for support. This exercise works on leg muscles.

Bottom line

There are many weight training exercises. It’s up to you to choose the best suitable routine for you or see a professional.

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